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If you have suffered the loss of a loved one due to the careless or reckless behavior of another anywhere in the State of Georgia, you need an attorney who not only fully understands the state laws pertaining to wrongful death, but also the immense toll that the loss of a loved one can cause to the family left behind, now and into the future. When a person dies or is killed due to the negligence or misconduct of another, including on-the-job accidents, motor vehicle collisions, slip and falls, or even murder, the surviving members of the victim’s family may have a claim for “wrongful death.” In addition to the emotional difficulties caused by losing a loved one, financial problems can add up quickly as they are often left as the responsibility of the deceased’s family.

“It is the job of your attorney to help the jury best see not only the financial and emotional burden left behind by the loss of life of your loved one, but also the diminished quality of life and future issues for those he or she has left behind. Not all attorneys are prepared to try your case– in fact, many will just want to settle for less to avoid court, but I thrive in court in front of a judge and jury– it’s what I do best.

During my many years as a defense attorney, I repeatedly noticed that people who hired a weak, under-prepared, or inexperienced attorney received compensation far-below what they truly deserved. I knew I could give better service to people, or their loved ones, who had been injured by others, and I knew I could help get them what they truly deserved, so I decided to form Moriarty Law, PC and my Personal Injury Practice.” – Colin Moriarty

Time is of the essence with any Wrongful Death case. If you have lost a loved one due to wrongful death, do not wait to seek legal counsel. Personal Injury Attorney Colin Moriarty will work to ensure that you and your family get the maximum compensation you deserve.

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