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Have you been injured on the premises of another person, workplace, business or property as the result of a slip and fall? You need to act quickly by contacting an attorney to determine whether you have a case. Do not wait to call– you will want to determine whether you need to report the incident to the owner of the property, take photographs, seek medical care or file other paperwork before it’s too late.

Do not wait to call an attorney to determine whether you have a case. Personal Injury Attorney Colin Moriarty in Athens, GA can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve for a slip and fall. Call Moriarty Law, PC today: (706) 850-4550

A simple slip or fall can have devastating and lasting effects such as temporary or long-term loss of work and the need for physical therapy or even surgery. In many cases, the owner of the hazardous property or premises in which a danger of a slip and fall was present will have policies with insurance companies that will want to settle quickly. The amount of this compensation, without legal advise, may not even cover your first medical bills. A trained and experienced legal professional can help you look at the possible long-term effects of a slip and fall injury.

If you tripped, or slipped on an object or defective flooring, carpet, stairs or other items which were in the way of your safe movement increasing your risk of injury; or if there was a spill or leak or recent cleaning project which could have been clearly marked with a warning to prevent an accident; or if insufficient lighting or other preventable hazards were in place long enough to have warranted repair or updating, especially after others had provided written notice of the hazards– you may have a case for compensation.

Be sure to identify any witnesses, and if there are no witnesses on hand, be sure that you or someone you call for help can take a photograph of the hazardous conditions on the premises. You will want to report the unsafe conditions and your accident to the owner or representative of the premises or property immediately and be sure to take their name and number as well as a business card. Also, be sure to seek immediate medical treatment.

“During my years as a defense attorney for the insurance industry, I repeatedly noticed that people who hired a weak, under-prepared, or inexperienced attorney received compensation far-below what they truly deserved. I knew I could give better service to people who had been injured by others, and I knew I could help get people what they truly deserved, so I decided to “switch sides” and form Moriarty Law, PC and my Personal Injury Practice.” – Colin Moriarty

Time is of the essence with any Slip and Fall Injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured by a slip and  fall due to faulty conditions on the premises of another person or entity’s property, do not wait to seek legal counsel. Colin Moriarty’s years of experience in resolving personal injury cases arising from premises liability will help get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

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